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Welcome to Here you will be given complete information about This Apk, we try to make the information user interactive And get the correct information. College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game is the latest unique app which is one of the best APKs for Android developed by Supercell. If someone downloads and installs the app and returns to the rating page after downloading and installing the app on their device, it is simple to get the app on their device. We are providing you with all the APK files you need to utilize. Click here to download the APK files. Among its Action category, it has a very high popularity. Do not wait to get a download if you are interested.

College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game Download for Android Latest Version Details

File Name College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game
Current Version v1.4.1
Size 46.7 MB
Developer Supercell
Updated on 28 October 2022
Category: Games
Rating 4.6 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up
Price: Free

College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game Free For Android Download


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College Brawl APK is an intense fighting game set on a college campus. Your friend’s luggage has been stolen by a notorious gang and it’s up to you to fight off hordes of enemies to help get it back.

A gang known as the Red Cats consists of dangerous fighters and bosses who are determined to destroy you. So, you must use your combat skills and upgradeable weapons to take them down.

But it’s not just mindless brawls, you have to strategize and make wise choices because resources are limited and every move counts. Win battles to earn rewards and progress in the game.

If you are looking for a fighting game with a different story and challenging gameplay then look no further than College Brawl APK for Android. Download the latest version and help your friend get his stuff back.

About College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full Game:

College Brawl Action Mobile Game is a two-dimensional brawl game in which the player takes on the role of Kane, a troubled college student. One day, while walking to class, a friend tells him that he was ambushed by a gang and his bag stolen as a result of the attack. As a direct result, Kane is even more determined to take immediate action and begins shipping the goods to the all-female gang as soon as possible.

That’s what I mean when I say “immediately”. You won’t even have time to process this information before members of the Red Katz gang surround you. It is recommended that you visit the archive page to familiarize yourself with the controls. With no way to communicate with you or show that they exist, you’ll be mercilessly attacked as you try to figure out how to defend yourself.

You play as Ken, an intrepid college student with an insatiable thirst for information. A few days ago, your close friends got their belongings stolen from a criminal organization called the Red Cat Gang. Please help them get their things back immediately.

What are your chances of completing this task? Each stage is longer than the previous one and the boss battles are extremely difficult. The graphics of this game look pixelated. The gameplay is more enjoyable as you win battles, manage your health and collect the rewards you earn from those battles.

college brawl mod apk

Playing style:

As you progress through the game and defeat opponents, they will occasionally drop food. Different foods like sushi, apples, and chicken have their own unique effect on a person’s HP. Apples provide an additional 2 HP and Ki-Power, while Sushi only provides 1 HP. If Anko takes three hits in a short amount of time, she will pass out and the opponent can have sex with her. Pressing left or right repeatedly (or the revive button on Android) can bring her back from the knockout stage if she’s asleep.

Play the role of Ken, a university student. When the Red Cat gang attacks your friends and steals everything from them, it’s up to you to come up with a plan to save them and get their belongings back. The game consists of five stages, each with a different boss character, as well as 26 ABC animations and six graphics that complement the scenarios. The healthier your character is after damaging an opponent, the more experience points (AI) they gain. Use your HP points to replenish your health.

Check your health and resources:

In College Brawl APK your character has a health bar that decreases with every enemy attack. Be sure to keep an eye on it and use items to restore health when needed. If you waste all your health, it’s game over. Remember that resources like goods and weapons are also limited, so use them wisely to win the battle. The secret lies in collecting all the rewards and finally winning the battle to defeat the Red Cat Gang and become the hero of the campus.

Intense boss battles:

The game features intense boss battles against the leaders of the Red Cat gang. This fight requires more strategy and skill as it is much tougher than the normal enemy. They have unique abilities and powerful attacks, and you must carefully plan your moves to avoid and defeat their dirty tricks. These boss battles add excitement to the game, making it more challenging and enjoyable for the players.

High Authority Characters:

The game has multiple characters with different personalities and backgrounds, which adds to its realism. These characters also have their own unique fighting styles and abilities that make the fights more unpredictable and exciting. They include:


This is a playable character and the protagonist of the game. He is a determined college student who will stop at nothing to help his friend and defeat the Red Cat Gang. Kane’s story has 5 stages and 5 powerful bosses. Each stage represents a different location on campus, with increasing difficulty as the game progresses.

In addition, this stage contains about 26 sex animations and 6 pictures. You can use it to gain HP points or restore KI. This opens up new possibilities in gameplay and adds more depth and strategy to the game.


Anko is a formidable fighter and Ken’s sister. While you were away, your classmates were with the red cat and Anko is overwhelmed. You must come to save him and defeat the gang. He has a fiery personality and impressive fighting skills that can come in handy during fights. Your story consists of three stages and four bosses, each with unique skills and abilities. Help Anko defeat them and win the battles. Additional game modes include 10 sex animations and 5 images. You should use it wisely to improve your character and prepare for missions. Whenever Anko is killed, you must revive him so that the enemy does not have sex with him.

Collect food:

As you defeat enemies, they drop food like sushi, chicken, and apples. These foods affect your HP and energy levels, keeping you in the battle for longer. For example, an apple adds 2 HP and AI power, while sushi only adds 1 HP.

Along with food, defeated enemies can drop coins and special items like weapons or armor. This can be used to level up your character and make him stronger. This way you can dominate the college brawl and rise to the top as the ultimate champion. But beware of enemy alliances – they can join forces against you and become a formidable fighting force. Continue to improve your character and use your environment to emerge victorious from each battle.


  • Simple controls. The game features easy-to-use controls that allow players of all skill levels to jump right into the action. There’s a revive button and a pause option, making it easy to strategize and pause when needed.
  • Multiple arenas. There are many areas to choose from including a library and gym. Each area offers different obstacles and challenges for the players, which add extra excitement to the game.
  • Customizable characters. Players have the opportunity to customize their characters with different costumes and weapons. Show your style as you dominate the college brawl.
  • 26 ABC animations, 5+ bosses, and 6 images for character development. The game offers multiple gameplay options that will keep you entertained for hours. As you progress through the game, you’ll always have something new to try.
  • Earn HP points. As you progress through the game and defeat enemies, you’ll earn HP points, which you can use to improve your character’s attack and defense. Your health and energy level

What are the benefits and consequences of downloading the College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game File directly?


  • A third-party website allows you to download any version of the application. Most versions of the app can be accessed from the app archives.
  • The app downloads instantly. It doesn’t go through a review process like Play Store.
  • An Apk file is stored on your memory card or system memory after download. Reinstalling them without downloading them is easy.


  • Google does not generally check apps downloaded by third parties. Your phone may suffer.
  • You may accidentally download an Apk file that contains viruses.
  • The Google Play Store isn’t accessible to your apps, so they can’t auto-update

How do the installation and download work?

In addition to age restrictions, the game is open to both men and women who are looking to have fun and compete with friends. A further impressive aspect of the platform is that it is open to game developers who want to showcase their skills while using it. Games are developed using templates imported from the platform or developed from scratch.

Afterward, they share their game with others. The developers may include premium features that boost the game’s revenue. Follow these steps to download the Apk:


1. First of all you have to go to Settings to download the app on your device.
2. Going to Settings and Allowing Unknown Resources.
3. There may be a delay depending on your network when you click the download button.
4. After Downloading Click on Install Button.
5. You have to wait until the app is installed.
6. Now open the app and enjoy.


Que: Can I Use the College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game Download?

Answer- yes, As it is 100% safe, you can download and use the College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game without any worries. With the help of an Expert, we verified the file to be 100% clean.

Que: Apk files downloaded from this site authentic?

Answer- Yes, this site is authentic for all types of files. We have been providing them to our users for two years and they haven’t complained about it.

Que: Does this app require a fee?

Answer- No. Basically, you may enjoy this game for free without having to pay anything, so you may have fun without worrying about anything.

Que: College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game does not install when I try to install them. Why is that?

Answer- If you’re using an older version of the College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game please download the latest file from this website and make sure you have sufficient space on your phone for this APK file.

Que: On your site, how can we keep up to date with the latest Apk updates?

Answer- On any article page, you’ll find a link and download link or icon on the homepage or right sidebar. Choose what’s right for you. This is what we mention in the article.

It is the most recent version Of the College Brawl Mod APK 1.4.1 Full game:

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