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Cross DJ Pro is professional music mixing application on the smartphone platform. You can mix music, manipulate all kinds of sounds with just one simple and fast operation. The finished product also meets the requirements for sound quality and stability. With Cross DJ Pro you can blend a variety of songs into a flawless mix with a variety of professional tools, effects, loops, and trimmers on the computer.

What is Cross Dj Apk?

Cross Dj Apk is best suited for users who want to shape their future in the field of music remix songs or in the world. It helps you more and offers more premium features that are not available in other such apps. The Cross Dj Apk has high graphics and the user interface is like a music professional computer software system. You can create 1000 types of music by remixing and easily exporting all types of music at once. Here are some premium and free features at the bottom of the page to help you learn more about this premium apk and make sure you download this app once these features are ready.

Description of Cross Dj Apk:

Most DJ apps are designed for PC and are very complex for the casual user, but being an Android app and using the app is still very easy with Cross DJ Pro. Let’s consider Cross DJ Pro and Cross DJ Free on the same line. We have a number of different features that we support in the Pro version (Cross DJ) of this application.

Cross Dj Apk Download for Android Latest version Details

APK Name Cross Dj
Latest Version v3.5.9
Size 23.70 MB
The developer Cross Dj
Published on: 22 Feb 2022
Category: Apps
Rating 4.6 stars
Requires Android 4.1 And Up

The design of the app is simple and any user can easily use and understand it, even if he has experience with an Android phone. The controls are great, simple, and easy to use. The other features provided are also interesting and ensure that users get the most out of the app for mixing audio or music of their interest. Mix tracks in full sync on a powerful audio engine. Developed by Mixvibes, the pioneer of digital DJing for 15 years.

What does offer Cross Dj Apk?

Add music easily:

You can add music to Cross DJ Pro to mix from different sources, e.g. B. From your phone’s library, from your Android device, or directly from SoundCloud.

Organize your music library scientifically and clearly:

Before proceeding to mix music, it is extremely important to organize the available songs, both to save time in search and to create a more harmonious mix due to the same style or the same basic music style.

Edit audio output:

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Cross Dj Apk also helps users to delve deeper into the sound realization by allowing you to edit the audio output. This means that instead of hearing the sound from two pairs of headphones, as usual, you can switch the sound isolation mode to the left or right ear to better experience the details of each sound in the song.

The powerful split function in this Cross Dj Apk helps you listen to each track of the previous components clearly and in detail and decide how to best blend.

Reliable music sync tool:

Cross Dj Apk is very strong in its ability to sync music. With just one or two touches, you can mix two tracks on a synchronized synchronization platform. Cross Dj Apk’s automatic sync feature is also extremely stable and never goes out of phase. The process of synchronizing two or more songs on Cross Dj Apk is fast and fully automated, you just have to wait a few seconds and you will get the desired result.

If you don’t want to use the auto-sync feature, Cross Dj Apk has an out-of-the-box tool for editing specific beat grids so you can sync your tracks the way you want. Even if the finished product is not exactly what you envisioned, you can edit it with a wide range of transition effects or loops available in the Cross DJ Pro library.

Get plenty of support before mixing music:

In addition to identifying in detail the parameters in each audio input to prepare for mixing, Cross DJ Pro also offers a number of minor functions that can help users before actual mixing. For example, you can mix songs with different BPMs to automatically change the BPM without affecting the overall melody of the song. Or you can use the AutoGain feature to automatically adjust the volume level of two or more tracks for better and more accurate automatic syncing.

Cross DJ Pro has amazing loops and editing effects:

As I mentioned above, when the song is auto-blended and there’s still something wrong with your intentions, you can still make full use of the music editing effects available in the app to further edit it. For example, you can manually adjust the pitch range (4 to 100%), change the melody’s tempo at each stage of the song, and manually modify the underlying pitch by manipulating the parallel waveforms displayed according to the melody. The song.

Record your mix and share it on different platforms:

Once the track is mixed and the desired product arrives at the location, Cross DJ Pro automatically records the mixes so that users can save them in many different formats and share them on social networking platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

The audio performance in Cross DJ Pro will impress you:

Cross DJ Pro has many special features that in general if you want to use it, you have to spend a lot of money to buy a dedicated app. But without ads with Cross DJ Pro, everything is completely free. Cross DJ Pro can mention the following excellent features in terms of audio FX processing, such as Hi & Low-Pass, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chopper, Roll, Phaser, Break.

Additionally, the Cross DJ Pro has some notable additional features such as multi-channel audio for USB-compatible multi-channel sound card, standard DJ setup: 2 decks, Q / Play/Sync buttons, and MIDI controller: Pioneer DDJ-VGO1 & 2. , Mixvibe’s U-Mix.

  • Good work. 
  • An impressive application.
  • It’s challenging our perception of what can be done on the touchscreen.
  • Good looks, excellent sounding effects, nice sync engine, ‘slip’ mode, proper loops, and hints.

Mix perfectly in sync:

  • Accurate BPM detection of your music up to the last decimal place.
  • Fixed sync: press once and 2 tracks never exit the stage.
  • Split Mono: Listen to your tracks before mixing.
  • Progressive manual pitch turning.
  • Adjustable manual pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%).
  • Specific bit grid editing: Synchronize each track perfectly.
  • Parallel wave mode to see if your tracks are synced.
  • Ant Quantify function: hot signals and loops are set to bit automatically.
  • Smart-Seek: Tap the wave to move faster and get a smooth bounce.
  • Atomics: Allow Cross DJs to automatically mix your music from any source when you enjoy a party (in the app)
  • External mixer: control EQ and crossfader with a hardware mixer.

Excellent audio performance:

  • Low latency: Music responds quickly to your actions.
  • Extremely real scratch sounds like a real turntable.
  • 1 Effect (Low-Pass) Visit the In-App Store for more awesome effects.
  • Keylock mode: change BPM without affecting sound (in-app).
  • Key Detection: Find the keys to the songs and find out which tracks look good together.
  • Auto Gain: Automatically equalizes the level of 2 tracks.

Intuitive interface:

  • 2 turntables, full 3-band EQ mixer – with DJM EQ presets.
  • Templates: Get the best samples in our dedicated store, edit all your banks and record your own samples.
  • Mix SoundCloud: Explore, play, and mix all SoundCloud.
  • New Waveform view: Scratch and Music View + Q Set right.
  • Separate tabs: swipe to see different panels on each page.
  • Large button optimized for small screens.
  • Crossfeder with 3 modes: Cut, Autofed, Normal.
  • The music player is compatible with MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more.
  • Multiple sorting options: sort your library by title, artist, album, BPM, or length.
  • Navigation by folder.
  • Large control pads: XY effect pads, 16 hot cuz pads.
  • Optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Optimized for Intel processors.

The minimal configuration required:

  • Android 4.4
  • 4-inch screen
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Dual-core processor

In-app purchases:

  • Recording: Live recording of your mix headquarters
  • Atomics: Let cross DJs mix your tracks from any source (playlist, album, etc.) and let music play automatically.
  • Essential effects: bi-filter, high pass, delay, echo.
  • Hit effects: face, flange, cut.
  • Morph Effects: Crush, Bliss, Brake, Roll.
  • Advanced audio: split mono and external mixer.
  • Keylock: Change BPM without affecting tone/key.
  • Edit and record templates: You can edit and record your own templates through your microphone
  • Feature Pack: Unlock all features.
  • Remove ads: Get rid of ads.

Check out the cross DJ performance:

  • External Mixer:
  • Mixcloud integration:
  • Street DJing:
  • User Video:

Follow the mix:

  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

Features of Cross Dj Apk:

  • It’s ad-free. 
  • Mix thousands of music at once.
  • Export thousands of music at once.
  • A complete sound system is available.
  • Unlimited music beats from Android.
  • Supports converting all formats of music files.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Downloading Cross Dj Apk Download directly?

These advantages include:

  • Direct downloads are available from a third-party website.
  • This site contains information the help you understand it. Various versions of the apps are available in the app archives with complete information, so that you can download them based on your preferences.
  • Downloading apps that are not available on other sites or from the Playstore is possible in your area. You can access the new features of the app once you download the files.
  • By downloading the files, you can access the most recent updates to the app. With APKs, users have the ability to download the latest versions of their applications, guaranteeing that they are always current.

The disadvantages:

  • Unverified APK files downloaded from untrusted websites can be infected with viruses.
  • Google does not typically check apps downloaded from third parties. This causes your device to malfunction. Problems like this are common.
  • The error message is “Sorry, the app has stopped working.”
  • Having learned how a mod differs from a stock APK, you are able to tell them apart. This can be accomplished by infecting smartphones and computers with malware.

How do the installation and download work?

You can find reviews of Android applications on our website and download them as well. If you are interested in getting them, we will tell you where to find them. You might want to download Cross Dj Apk first. You can access the download page by clicking the download button on the website. Each download begins with 7 and ends with 0.

Then click on the Download button after you have selected the right version and size. This is the point where you don’t need to make any changes. You can access all applications on the device if you change an APK extension.


Que:Can I Use Cross Dj Apk Download safely?

Answer- yes, As it is 100% safe, you can download and Use Cross Dj Apk without any worries. With the help of an Expert, we verified the file to be 100% clean.

Que:apk files downloaded from this site authentic?

Answer- Yes, this site is authentic for all types of files. We have been providing them to our users for two years and they haven’t complained about it.

Que:Does this app require a fee?

Answer- No. Basically, you may enjoy this game for free without having to pay anything, so you may have fun without worrying about anything.

Que:Cross Dj Apk does not install when I try to install it. Why is that?

Answer- If you’re using an older version of Cross Dj Apk please download the latest file from this website and make sure you have sufficient space on your phone for this APK file.

Que:On your site, how can we keep up to date with the latest APK updates?

Answer- On any article page, you’ll find a link and download link or icon on the homepage or right sidebar. Choose what’s right for you. This is what we mention in the article.

It is the most recent version Of Cross Dj Apk.

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