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20 Jun 2021
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3D Tuning APK is the latest unique app which is one of the best Action apps for Android with v3.6.805 and developed by 3DTuning. The size of apk file is 79 MB. The rating of this app is 4.9 out of 5 from my users overall users who successfully downloaded and install the app and revisit the page to give a rating. The overall rating of this apk is 4.7 out of 5 globally. The normal users of this rating are 788 users. On average 1000+ users, every visit on our page and downloads this type of apps or other apps and use it from this website.

Hi User, It’s for you and your friends, and we are your host today. We can observe that you are interested in Download/Install 3D Tuning APK and we are so excited to inform you that you are at the right place. We all are so happy and glad to fulfil your requirement and we are supporting you to download apk from

About the 3D Tuning APK

With the help of 3D Tuning APK, you can tune a car without buying a new vehicle. This great app is an advanced car tuner on your smartphone. The game includes high heels, brand new and vintage, bumpers, wheels, fenders, grille, headlights, mirrors, spoilers, side skirts and more. You can change the color, customize the frame style, change the suspension and many more options.

How do you play 3D Tuning?

This game is specially designed for those people who have mobile phone and internet connection. This is a simple application that you can download and install. You don’t have to worry about installation as the box is ready to use. Once installed, you can easily tune your car without leaving your home.

Properties of the 3D Tuning APK

Main work

Most tuners have built-in sensors that monitor all suspension and wheel alignment parameters of the vehicle. You can also adjust your tire rolling behavior. If your car rolls too high or too low, you can easily adjust it manually or with a manual tool. The program allows you to view your performance graph. If you find that your car is not working at all, you can try to replace some parts or replace all the details yourself. Make sure your car is the best

Graphics and Sound

To make your music experience even better, you can try the optional tools included in the program. You can download 3D graphics and videos. These tools are designed to enhance your tune experience by providing you with tips and techniques to improve your car.

You can also find an extensive database of new auto-to-cap parts and accessories. This database is updated regularly so that there is no problem with the availability of unique auto foot parts. You can make new connections with the different parts of the car you want to upgrade. If you want to add a part, you have to buy it and use it with the program.

Some features of 3D Tuning APK

  • Wide range of auto cars, exterior design and tuning options
  • New cars as well as the most popular cars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  • Unique storage of wheels, front and rear bumpers, grille, headlights and taillights, spoiler, fenders, mirrors as well as various air inlets and much more.
  • Available features include exterior color changes, suspension customization, car paintwork and more.
  • The app is integrated with so that your unique auto foot repair is always available, but frequent and frequent website updates are immediately available on your mobile device.
  • Build and share your garage with unique cars with custom tuning projects.

What's new

  • * Common bugs resolved.
  • * Malware and virus not present.
  • * Rooting not required.
  • * App performance is boosted.


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How do I download and install the APK?

A.) Easy Steps to download the  APK:

Step 1: Immediately click on the download button that is there in our web page.

Step 2: The file download will start immediately. (It depends on your internet speed or app size)

Step 3: Now the downloaded file is now automatically moved to the Downloads folder of your device.

Step 4: Now to use the downloaded file, open the download folder and install it.

B.) Easy Steps to install the APK:

Step 1: Now your favorite apk file is downloaded we have to install it in your device.

Step 2: Now you have to go to the download section; Click on the new apk file above.

Step 3: Then the name of the app will appear in your screen and below that the option of Install and Cancel will appear. You have to click on Install.

Step4: In the installation process, you have to go to your settings for Unknow source and click on allow once.

Step 5: After this your successful installation will be done, you click on open.

Step 6:  you will actually want to grant permissions to media, photos and files. Tap Allow.

Step 7: The screen of APK will appear on your device. Use it now.


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