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Toptoon APK is the latest unique app which is one of the best APK for Android developed by DEVLIFE. If someone downloads and installs the app and returns to the rating page after downloading and installing it on their device, it is simple to get it on their device. We are providing you with all of the APK files you will need to utilize. Click here to download the APK files. Among its TV channels category, it has a very high popularity. Do not wait to get a download if you are interested.

This site is supportive of your request to get the APK from here, and we are pleased to fulfill your need. Then go through the process to download it after reading an article about it. Scroll down the page to read all sections. Here, you will find all the necessary information on one page. The site has several apps available for download. Site visitors from different countries are supported or allowed to visit our site.


If you enjoy reading webcomics, there are plenty of websites and apps out there that offer you a way to read them. Thanks to many successful people the popularity of webcomics has increased over the years.


Various categories of this are available to us today. Nevertheless, if you want a program that provides you with all of the features in one place, TopTune is the one for you! We have compiled the most recent webcomics all in one place.

Enjoy a variety of webcomics every day with this app! Today, this app offers hundreds of original webcomics to choose from, including B. I don’t like nine at all, she’s too much for me, she’s hands-off, a savior, in Special Forces, and just people with normal lives.  

Download Toptoon APK for Android Latest version Details

APK Name Toptoon APK
Latest Version 1.36.2019.1111
Size 3.98MB
The developer DEVLIFE
Published on: 8 Sept 2021
Category: Entertainment
Rating 4.6stars
Requires Android 4.1 And Up

Download Toptoon APK 2021 For Android V1.36.2019.1111

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Today you have numerous categories to choose from, such as Action, Romance, Sports, Casual Games, Horror, Romance, and many more. Enjoy all the hot webcomics in one place here!

If you’re looking for more than 21 million members and 5 billion viewers, TopTune is the app for you. Published by DevLife, this app contains numerous original webcomics for you to read.
With this app, you can enjoy the hottest webcomics in one place that you can easily get today. Here you can have fun with webcomics in horror, action, thriller, comedy, romance, sports, and many different categories.

Feel free to read them in your own time and you can bookmark them for re-reading. You can adjust the reading order and settings in this app today!

Get the best webcomics

There are many of them in the world of webcomics to read right now. Aside from anime, movies, shows, and manga, many people join these entertainment mediums.

As it does, thousands of new webcomics are created every year. So if you don’t want to miss anything, download TopTune now! This is an app that will bring you the hottest webcomics to read.
With this app on your phone, you can now access the best webcomics in the world. There are numerous original comics to read for free here as 200 episodes come out every day.
Let’s Go Farming, The Stockholm Syndrome, Galaxy, Normal Life, Lena, League of Bastards, Bring of Evolution, and many more are popular. You are free to add these webcomics to your list to start reading today!

This app will allow you to enjoy the best webcomics to read on any device today!

The main features of Toptoon

With Toptoon you can enjoy tons of webcomics in one place. Download it now and enjoy these features:

Enjoy a lot of webcomics – do you read a lot of webcomics these days? Now there are so many that if you read them everywhere you can’t catch them all! There are definitely plenty of places to read them, but the best app would be.

Many Categories – Toptone has a lot of hot webcomics to access and read these days. These include webcomics like She’s Too Much For Me, Normal Life, False 9, Brink of Evolution, Lena, Special Forces, Hands Off, Savior, and many more.
You are free to scroll through different categories to find different web tunes of your choice. Ongoing, ranking, event, and free / sale are different. Enjoy and enjoy reading hundreds of webcomics right now!

Enjoy multiple episodes – there are tons of episodes available in every webcomic these days. The app has over 200 episodes that are released daily so you can enjoy them as much as possible.
Here, each episode usually costs two coins, and some promotions allow you to unlock the episode for free! You can enjoy a lot of webcomics with the best episodes and ratings.

Ease of use – Unlike a sketch site, you can enjoy webcomics anywhere you want on Toptoon. A user-friendly interface is now suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
Here you can browse freely through various webcomics and read them quickly in popular portrait format. You can even customize the settings!


Benefits and drawbacks of the Toptoon APK 2021:


  • APKs like this can be downloaded for free.
  • Getting the APK files does not require an account.
  • For instant searching, categories and a search box are available.
  • Here you will find the latest updates of newly launched apps.
  • We provide APKs for the latest and previous versions.


  • Since you are downloading from a third-party play store, you’ll have to change some settings before installing.
  • Updates will not be automatic for applications that have been downloaded.
  • Several apps require users to grant permission so that the camera, contacts, and gallery can be accessed.


1) What type of site it is?
Ans – It is an app downloading site for our valuable users. Here you will get all types of app.

2) Is this site is the authentic site for apps?
Ans – Yes this site is authentic for all types of app.

3) If I download any APK file from this site is it safe for my device?
Ans – Yes, all of our APK files are 100% safe because our engineers test them before they are verified by our expert team. Our users can then access it after we upload it.

4) How do we know about the latest APK updates on your site?
Ans. – It is available with a link or APK icon on our home pages, especially in the right sidebar of any article page. It is possible to try both.


  1. Common bugs resolved.
  2. Malware and virus are not present.
  3. Rooting is not required.
  4. App performance is boosted.
  5. Ads removed.

How do I download and install the APK?

A.) Easy Steps to download the APK:

  • Step 1: Immediately click on the download button that is there in our web page.
  • Step 2: The file download will start immediately. (It depends on your internet speed or app size)
  • Step 3: Now the downloaded file is now automatically moved to the Downloads folder of your device.
  • Step 4: Now to use the downloaded file, open the download folder and install it.

B.) Easy Steps to install the APK:

  • Step 1: Now your favorite APK file is downloaded we have to install it on your device.
  • Step 2: Now you have to go to the download section; Click on the new APK file above.
  • Step 3: Then the name of the app will appear on your screen and below that the option of Install and Cancel will appear. You have to click on Install.
  • Step4: In the installation process, you have to go to your settings for Unknow source and click on allow once.
  • Step 5: After this, your successful installation will be done, you click on open.
  • Step 6: you will actually want to grant permissions to media, photos, and files. Tap Allow.
  • Step 7: The screen of APK will appear on your device. Use it now.


I hope we have helped you to install the APK file successfully on your device from this page and that the information and words on that page were helpful and easy to understand. is the best website to use and remember for its easy downloading services and best app available, which you can recommend to your family, friends, and best one.

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